Marriage defined

For most of Christian history, marriage was clearly defined as Webster recorded in 1913 “legal union of a man and a woman for life, as husband and wife; wedlock; matrimony.” Today a marriage is a contract between some people to live together until they end that agreement (or one of them dies). Typically two people, typically a man and a woman. However.. In the Kingdom of Heaven, things aren’t as vague and loosely defined.

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Bethel pilgrimage

I dreamed that I went to Bethel church in Redding California. I don’t think much about Bethel, so when I awoke, I was fascinated about why I had had that dream. I wondered whether it was one of those prophetic dreams that the Holy Spirit inspires people with.

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Are you a citizen?

I listened to a report on NPR today about the legal fuss over the proposed question “Are you a citizen?”, and whether or not that would upset “immigrant communities”. As a legal immigrant, I personally found it quite shocking that NPR entertained the report seriously, and wondered how the liberal mind works. I was genuinely baffled to begin with, but tender the following possible explanation.

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